Final Exam Review Sheet

Exam Day is Friday, June 29


For this exam you will interpret texts in terms of themes developed during this class. This class has revolved around three themes:

  1. The realities that Asian Americans face.
  2. Dreams for a better life and for a better society.
  3. Asian Americans working together and with others to change society and together make their dreams into realities.

During this exam you will analyze four out of the following five texts from the course reader (reader page numbers in parentheses):

  1. Jose Vargas, "My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant" (80-91).
  2. Janice Mirikitani, "Breaking Silence" (103-105)
  3. Youn Jae Kim, "A Seeker and a Fighter" (201-203)
  4. le thi diem thuy, "the gangster we are all looking for" (211-221)
  5. Marilyn Chin, "Round Eyes" (225-229)

To review for the exam you should read each of the texts and you should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. When was the text written? Where and in what medium was the text published?
  2. What group or groups of people does the text represent? What does the text say about one or more significant experiences for the people it represents?
  3. What is one detail from the text that really brings to life the historical experience of the people it represents?
  4. What is an issue related to the topics above that the text addresses?
  5. What solution does the text suggest for the conflicts and problems around the issue that it addresses?

Answers to these questions should provide you with a framework for future research. Remember differences along lines of socioeconomic class, gender, sexuality, mixed heritages, and nationality.

Like the mid-term the final exam will be open book, open note, open class and open Google. The exam should take you no more than one hour to complete.

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