CIS 18C - Shell Scripting

Course Description

This class covers the following shell scripting topics for the bash, ksh, and tcsh shells:

  • Script Input / Output
  • Expressions
  • Decision / Looping / Control Constructs
  • Shell Variables, User Defined Variables, Arrays
  • String Manipulation
  • Functions
  • Signals
Prerequisites (Required)

It is required that you take the following course or its equivalence:

Textbook (optional)
  • A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming by Mark Sobell ISBN 0-13-136736-4

There are 2 sections running concurrently: an online section and a hybrid section

  • Hybrid section: 2 hours lecture, 1 hour lab per week on campus, lab assignments and quizzes are online
  • Online section: lecture notes, forum discussions, and lab assignments, and quizzes are on line. The midterm exam and final exam are on campus.

Letter grades are assigned based on:

  • 10 lab assignments
  • 10 quizzes
  • 1 midterm exam
  • 1 comprehensive final exam

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