Full Access My Math Lab

I have temporary access to my course. How do I change to full access?

To add full access to your MyLab / Mastering course after enrolling with temporary access, you must use an access code, a credit card or a PayPal account:

  1. Go to http://pearsonmylabandmastering.com.
  2. Click Sign In.
  3. Enter your username and password then click Sign In.
  4. Click Pay or use an access code.

To use an access code you already purchased:

  1. Click Access Code.
  2. Enter your access code in the boxes then click Finish.
  3. Print the Confirmation & Summary.

To use a credit card or PayPal account:

  1. Click the button for the access you want to purchase.
  2. Enter payment information, review your order then click Finish.
  3. Print the Confirmation & Summary.

You now have full access to your instructor’s online course. Click Go to Your Course to continue your work.

Note: If you do not pay for full access before your 17-day temporary access ends, you will loseaccess to your instructor’s online course.
You can still pay after the 17th day and regain 
access to the course, but you may miss deadlines or important notices from your instructor.

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