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Division Dean

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Mary Medrano

Division Administrative Assistant

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Welcome to our Division!

The Intercultural/International Studies Division provides programs of study that increase understanding of the many cultures and languages of the world today. The Intercultural/International Studies Division (IIS) includes:

Spring  2019 Featured Courses

  • ICS 2 Intro to Peer Mentoring, 4:00-5:50PM Wednesdays (45642)
  • ICS 19 Justice, Nature and the Geography of Identities, 10:30AM-12:20PM Tuesdays and Thursdays (43646)
  • ICS 20 Asian American Experiences Past and Present, Online
  • ICS 22 Contemporary Asian American Communities, Online (4556746221)
  • ICS 24 Asian American Literature, Online (4284142842)
  • INTL 10 History of Art: Arts of Asia, Online (46373, 46374)
  • INTL 13 Introduction to Korean Popular Culture, 3:30-5:20PM Tuesdays and Thursdays (01119)
  • INTL 19A History of Asian Civilization: China and Japan (to the 19th C.) (45633, 45634)
  • GERM 3 Elementary German (Third Quarter) 6:30-8:45PM Tuesdays and Thursdays (00937)

Winter  Hours


  • 8:00 am-12:30pm
  • 12:30pm-1:30pm (Closed)
  • 1:30pm-4:45pm
  • Friday 8:00am-4:00pm




We are located at the Multicultural Center (MCC).

The Multicultural Center (map) at De Anza College is a gathering place for intellectual and cultural enrichment, programs, services, and facilities for students, faculty, staff, and our community. The goal of the Center is to provide an environment that recognizes cultural differences, respects cultural uniqueness, and facilitates cross-cultural interaction, learning and appreciation.

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