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College Operations provides services that support instruction and college life. This includes auxiliary services such as Dining Services and the Bookstore. Other units under College Operations are Printing Services, Facilities Rentals, Postal Services, Custodial and Grounds Operations.


College Operations is responsible for the college's not-for-profit auxiliary services that receive no subsidy from the government, as well as operations that maintain the campus buildings and grounds.


The College Operations office serves as De Anza's campus liaison for FHDA District Facilities and construction projects.



De Anza is committed to sustainability in all its operations, from building construction/renovation to how we generate and use energy.














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Pam Grey

Associate Vice President

Phone: 408.864.8209


Sally Gore

Executive Assistant

Phone: 408.864.8758



Tina Lockwood

Furniture, Fixture and Equipment Coordinator        

Phone: 408.864.8371



College Operations
Building: Admin Building
Contact: Sally Gore
Phone: 408.864.8758

Last Updated: 3/2/18