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EWRT 1A Composition and Reading516-17

EWRT 1AH Composition and Reading - HONORS516-17

EWRT 1B Reading, Writing and Research516-17

EWRT 1BH Reading, Writing and Research - HONORS516-17

EWRT 1C Literature and Composition516-17

EWRT 2 Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking516-17

EWRT 2H Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking - HONORS516-17

EWRT 30 Introduction to Creative Writing416-17

EWRT 40 Fiction Writing416-17

EWRT 41 Poetry Writing416-17

EWRT 42 Writing It Real: Creative Nonfiction and Memoir Writing416-17

EWRT 65A Literary Magazine I, National Edition216-17

EWRT 65AX Literary Magazine I, National Edition316-17

EWRT 65B Literary Magazine II, National Edition216-17

EWRT 65BX Literary Magazine II, National Edition316-17

EWRT 65C Editorial Leadership Literary Magazine, National Edition216-17

EWRT 65CX Editorial Leadership Literary Magazine, National Edition316-17

EWRT 68A Literary Magazine I, Student Edition216-17

EWRT 68AX Literary Magazine I, Student Edition316-17

EWRT 68B Literary Magazine II, Student Edition216-17

EWRT 68BX Literary Magazine II, Student Edition316-17

EWRT 68C Editorial Leadership Literary Magazine, Student Edition216-17

EWRT 68CX Editorial Leadership Literary Magazine, Student Edition316-17

EWRT 77 Special Projects in English116-17

EWRT 77X Special Projects in English216-17

EWRT 77Y Special Projects in English316-17

EWRT 81 Extended Writing Strategies116-17

EWRT 141 Beginning Poetry Writing416-17

EWRT 200 Fundamentals of Writing516-17

EWRT 211 Preparatory Reading and Writing Skills516-17

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