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Office of Equity, Social Justice and
Multicultural Education

Facilitating Social Transformation Through Equity in Education...

The Office of Equity, Social Justice and Multicultural Education aims to provide expertise and leadership through the following work...

  • Social justice and multicultural education through workshops, coaching and small-group facilitation
  • Student equity training, support and counseling
  • Faculty/staff Equal Employment Opportunity training
  • Culturally responsive community development, engagement and collaboration

Equity Action Council 

Get involved! With the guidance and commitment of the Equity Action Council, the Equity Office strives to meet the demands of the campus and the critical charge of the office.

The Council helps facilitate campus wide development and support, engagement, implementation of programs, evaluations, policies and procedures that are in line with De Anza College's vision of equity, social justice, and multicultural education. The Council, under the direction of Edmundo Norte, Dean of Intercultural/International Studies, and Veronica Neal, Director of Equity, Social Justice and Multicultural Education helps meet the goals and objectives of equity at De Anza and in particular, the Equity Office.


The Equity Action Council meets on the 2nd and 4th Wed. of the month. 

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De Anza College Office of Equity, Social Justice & Multicultural Education


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Note: The Office of Equity, Social Justice and Multicultural Education is closed during the summer quarter. 

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Equity Office
Building:  ADM 105
Contact: Veronica Neal
Phone: 408.864.5338


Last Updated: 1/5/14