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If we really want everyone to think and act like us, then we are narrow minded and ethnocentric, unrealistic, and losing a valuable opportunity to grow as individuals, and as a society. ~ P. McNulty

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Piper McNulty

11:30 - noon Mondays outside MLC 113 or Tuesdays in MLC 260. Or in Pod 6 by appointment


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Intercultural Communication, Blended Cultures, Privilege, Hierarchies of Culture, International English, Leveraging Diversity
BA: Cultural Anthropology, Scripps College, MA: Teaching English as a Second Language, The School for International Training, MA in Intercultural Relations, The McGregor School of Antioch University
I have been teaching Intercultural Communication at De Anza College for the past twenty years. I have also taught English as a Second language and designed cross cultural training materials for U.S.-based multinational corporations and refugee resettlement programs. I co-authored "The Culture Puzzle" (Pearson), an Intercultural Communication textbook for ESL students, and I developed "38 Critical Incidents on the Job" for refugee retraining programs. I am a native Californian of European descent.  Why do I love teaching here at De Anza College? Simple: De Anza students are amazing: They are hard working, articulate, perceptive, and bring a wealth of relevant lived experience to classroom discussions. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Intercultural International Studies team at De Anza!
Winter 2018
CRN Course Title
35300 COMM-007.-01 Intercultural Communication
35309 COMM-007.-06 Intercultural Communication
01100 ICS -007.-01 Intercultural Communication
34536 ICS -007.-06 Intercultural Communication
Spring 2018
CRN Course Title
45563 COMM-007.-04 Intercultural Communication
42916 ICS -007.-04 Intercultural Communication

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Contact email Email: Piper McNulty
Phone: 408.202-9416
11: 30 - noon,
outside MLC 113
T  11:30 - noon,
in MLC 260
By appointment in MCC, Pod 6

Intercultural Studies


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