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Dr. Peter Miskin

Dr. Peter Miskin

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Health Sciences, Nursing, Public Health, Sociology of Health, Transcultural Care
Fall 2017
CRN Course Title
24446 NURS-050.-02 Career Opportunities in Nursing
01727 NURS-081P-01 Pharmacology I
23193 NURS-085.-55 Advanced Medical-Surgical Concepts
23194 NURS-085.-56 Advanced Medical-Surgical Concepts
23195 NURS-085L-55F Advanced Medical-Surgical Clinical
23196 NURS-085L-56F Advanced Medical-Surgical Clinical
Winter 2018
CRN Course Title
33904 NURS-050.-01 Career Opportunities in Nursing
01464 NURS-081P-01 Pharmacology I
01480 NURS-085.-55 Advanced Medical-Surgical Concepts
01481 NURS-085.-56 Advanced Medical-Surgical Concepts
33378 NURS-085L-55F Advanced Medical-Surgical Clinical
33379 NURS-085L-56F Advanced Medical-Surgical Clinical

Syllabi are in downloadable Adobe PDF icon PDFs. Check with instructor if there is no syllabi listed or for most current term information.

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phone icon Phone: 408.864.8638


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