How to Join

It's easy to sign up for the MPS Program! No application is required. Please complete the following steps:

  1. At this time, Spring enrollment is closed 
  2. If you are interested in enrolling in Fall 2019 please complete the MPS interest form and a counselor will get back to you.

For additional information, contact the PSME Division Office at mps@fhda.edu or 408.864.8800.

Location: Room S31

Your Commitment

Students who choose to participate in MPS are expected to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Attend class regularly. MPS allows a maximum of 5 absences throughout the quarter. Tardies of more than 5 minutes are calculated at ½ an absence.
  • Keep up with all homework, activities and lab assignments.
  • Abide by the MPS Program Participant Agreement.

Program Participant Agreement

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