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These are the courses offered through the Physical Education department. If you want to know when a course is being taught, see the searchable Schedule of Classes.

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P E 1H Team Sport - Basketball0 1/214-15

P E 1HX Team Sport - Basketball114-15

P E 2A Beginning Karate0 1/214-15

P E 2AX Beginning Karate114-15

P E 2B Intermediate Karate0 1/214-15

P E 2BX Intermediate Karate114-15

P E 2K Aikido0 1/214-15

P E 2KX Aikido114-15

P E 2L Intermediate Aikido0 1/214-15

P E 2LX Intermediate Aikido114-15

P E 2P Pilates Mat Exercise0 1/214-15

P E 2PX Pilates Mat Exercise114-15

P E 2Q Tai Chi0 1/214-15

P E 2QX Tai Chi114-15

P E 2R Intermediate Tai Chi0 1/214-15

P E 2RX Intermediate Tai Chi114-15

P E 2T Integrated Pilates Mat Exercise0 1/214-15

P E 2TX Integrated Pilates Mat Exercise0 1/214-15

P E 2Y Hatha Yoga0 1/214-15

P E 2YX Hatha Yoga114-15

P E 3 Indoor Cycling0 1/214-15

P E 3AX Outdoor Cycling114-15

P E 3AY Outdoor Cycling1 1/214-15

P E 3B High Intensity Indoor Cycling0 1/214-15

P E 3BX High Intensity Indoor Cycling114-15

P E 3G Self-Defense0 1/214-15

P E 3X Indoor Cycling114-15

P E 4 Strength Development0 1/214-15

P E 4X Strength Development114-15

P E 4XX High Intensity Strength Development for Athletes114-15

P E 5AX Spin/Swim Fitness114-15

P E 5AY Spin/Swim Fitness1 1/214-15

P E 6B Cross Training0 1/214-15

P E 6BX Cross Training114-15

P E 6D Body Sculpting0 1/214-15

P E 6DX Body Sculpting114-15

P E 6F Deep Water Running0 1/214-15

P E 6FX Deep Water Running114-15

P E 6G Aerobic Swimming0 1/214-15

P E 6GX Aerobic Swimming114-15

P E 6H Aerobic Power Walking0 1/214-15

P E 6HX Aerobic Power Walking114-15

P E 6K Cardio Kick0 1/214-15

P E 6KX Cardio Kick114-15

P E 6Q Lo Impact Aerobic Rhythms0 1/214-15

P E 6R Hi-Lo Impact Aerobic Rhythms0 1/214-15

P E 6RX Hi-Lo Impact Aerobic Rhythms114-15

P E 6S Step Aerobics0 1/214-15

P E 6SX Step Aerobics114-15

P E 6U Fit Camp0 1/214-15

P E 6UX Fit Camp114-15

P E 6UY Fit Camp1 1/214-15

P E 6V Core Conditioning0 1/214-15

P E 6VX Core Conditioning114-15

P E 7A Motor Skills Assessment and Development0 1/214-15

P E 7AX Motor Skills Assessment and Development114-15

P E 7B Motor Development Training Methodologies0 1/214-15

P E 7BX Motor Development Training Methodologies114-15

P E 7C High Intensity Motor Training0 1/214-15

P E 7CX High Intensity Motor Training114-15

P E 7D Aquatic Motor Development0 1/214-15

P E 7DX Aquatic Motor Development114-15

P E 8 Total Fitness0 1/214-15

P E 8X Total Fitness114-15

P E 9 Cardiovascular and Strength Training0 1/214-15

P E 9X Cardiovascular and Strength Training114-15

P E 9Y Cardiovascular and Strength Training1 1/214-15

P E 10 Multi-Sport Fitness0 1/214-15

P E 10X Multi-Sport Fitness114-15

P E 10Y Multi-Sport Fitness1 1/214-15

P E 11 Stretching0 1/214-15

P E 11C Active Isolated Stretching0 1/214-15

P E 11CX Active Isolated Stretching114-15

P E 11X Stretching114-15

P E 12X Aqua Aerobics114-15

P E 13A Beginning Badminton0 1/214-15

P E 13AX Beginning Badminton114-15

P E 13B Intermediate Badminton0 1/214-15

P E 13BX Intermediate Badminton114-15

P E 13C Advanced Badminton0 1/214-15

P E 13CX Advanced Badminton114-15

P E 13TX Tournament Badminton114-15

P E 14A Beginning Fencing0 1/214-15

P E 14B Intermediate Fencing0 1/214-15

P E 16A Beginning Golf0 1/214-15

P E 16B Intermediate Golf0 1/214-15

P E 16D Advanced Beginning Golf0 1/214-15

P E 16DX Advanced Beginning Golf114-15

P E 19A Beginning Volleyball0 1/214-15

P E 19AX Beginning Volleyball114-15

P E 19B Intermediate Volleyball0 1/214-15

P E 19BX Intermediate Volleyball114-15

P E 19C Advanced Volleyball0 1/214-15

P E 19CX Advanced Volleyball114-15

P E 19T Tournament Volleyball114-15

P E 21A Beginning Tennis0 1/214-15

P E 21AX Beginning Tennis114-15

P E 21B Advanced Beginning Tennis0 1/214-15

P E 21BX Advanced Beginning Tennis114-15

P E 21C Intermediate Tennis0 1/214-15

P E 21CX Intermediate Tennis114-15

P E 21D Advanced Tennis0 1/214-15

P E 21DX Advanced Tennis114-15

P E 26A Novice Swimming0 1/214-15

P E 26B Beginning Swimming0 1/214-15

P E 26C Intermediate Swimming0 1/214-15

P E 26CX Intermediate Swimming114-15

P E 26D Advanced Swimming0 1/214-15

P E 26DX Advanced Swimming114-15

P E 30 Introduction to Physical Education/Kinesiology414-15

P E 32B Women's Badminton Techniques214-15

P E 32F Defensive Baseball Techniques214-15

P E 32G Offensive Baseball Techniques214-15

P E 32H Offensive Football Techniques214-15

P E 32HX Offensive Football Techniques114-15

P E 32I Defensive Football Techniques214-15

P E 32IX Defensive Football Techniques114-15

P E 32J Water Polo Techniques214-15

P E 32K Basketball Techniques214-15

P E 32L Volleyball Techniques214-15

P E 32LX Volleyball Techniques114-15

P E 32M Soccer Techniques214-15

P E 32MX Soccer Techniques114-15

P E 32N Track and Field Techniques214-15

P E 32P Techniques of Swimming214-15

P E 32S Women's Soccer Techniques214-15

P E 32SX Women's Soccer Techniques114-15

P E 32T Tennis Techniques214-15

P E 32W Softball Techniques214-15

P E 33A Soccer0 1/214-15

P E 33AX Soccer114-15

P E 33I Indoor Soccer0 1/214-15

P E 35 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries414-15

P E 38W Intercollegiate Women's Badminton314-15

P E 38WX Intercollegiate Women's Badminton1 1/214-15

P E 38WY Intercollegiate Women's Badminton214-15

P E 39M Intercollegiate Men's Soccer314-15

P E 39MX Intercollegiate Men's Soccer1 1/214-15

P E 39MY Intercollegiate Men's Soccer214-15

P E 39W Intercollegiate Women's Soccer314-15

P E 39WX Intercollegiate Women's Soccer1 1/214-15

P E 39WY Intercollegiate Women's Soccer214-15

P E 40 Intercollegiate Football314-15

P E 40X Intercollegiate Football1 1/214-15

P E 40Y Intercollegiate Football214-15

P E 41 Intercollegiate Water Polo314-15

P E 41X Intercollegiate Water Polo1 1/214-15

P E 41Y Intercollegiate Water Polo214-15

P E 42W Intercollegiate Women's Volleyball314-15

P E 42WX Intercollegiate Women's Volleyball1 1/214-15

P E 42WY Intercollegiate Women's Volleyball214-15

P E 43 Intercollegiate Cross Country (Men and Women)314-15

P E 43X Intercollegiate Cross Country (Men and Women)1 1/214-15

P E 43Y Intercollegiate Cross Country (Men and Women)214-15

P E 44M Intercollegiate Men's Basketball314-15

P E 44MX Intercollegiate Men's Basketball1 1/214-15

P E 44MY Intercollegiate Men's Basketball214-15

P E 44W Intercollegiate Women's Basketball314-15

P E 44WX Intercollegiate Women's Basketball1 1/214-15

P E 44WY Intercollegiate Women's Basketball214-15

P E 45 Intercollegiate Swimming and Diving (Men and Women)314-15

P E 45X Intercollegiate Swimming and Diving (Men and Women)1 1/214-15

P E 45Y Intercollegiate Swimming and Diving (Men and Women)214-15

P E 46 Intercollegiate Track and Field (Men and Women)314-15

P E 46X Intercollegiate Track and Field (Men and Women)1 1/214-15

P E 46Y Intercollegiate Track and Field (Men and Women)214-15

P E 47M Intercollegiate Baseball314-15

P E 47MX Intercollegiate Baseball1 1/214-15

P E 47MY Intercollegiate Baseball214-15

P E 47W Intercollegiate Softball314-15

P E 47WX Intercollegiate Softball1 1/214-15

P E 47WY Intercollegiate Softball214-15

P E 48M Intercollegiate Men's Tennis314-15

P E 48MX Intercollegiate Men's Tennis1 1/214-15

P E 48MY Intercollegiate Men's Tennis214-15

P E 48W Intercollegiate Women's Tennis314-15

P E 48WX Intercollegiate Women's Tennis1 1/214-15

P E 48WY Intercollegiate Women's Tennis214-15

P E 51 Health and Fitness414-15

P E 53 Physical Stress Management214-15

P E 54 Introduction to Massage414-15

P E 54A Intermediate Massage314-15

P E 54B Sports Massage314-15

P E 54C Advanced Massage Skills414-15

P E 54D Clinical Practicum in Massage Therapy314-15

P E 54E Table Shiatsu414-15

P E 54F Introduction to Chair Massage314-15

P E 54H Massage Therapy Internship in Adapted Physical Education Laboratory114-15

P E 54J Massage Therapy Internship in Adapted Physical Education Laboratory214-15

P E 54K Massage Therapy Internship in Adapted Physical Education Laboratory314-15

P E 54L Massage Therapy Teacher's Assistant Internship114-15

P E 54M Massage Therapy Teacher's Assistant Internship214-15

P E 54N Massage Therapy Teacher's Assistant Internship314-15

P E 54P Sports Massage Internship114-15

P E 54Q Sports Massage Internship214-15

P E 54R Sports Massage Internship314-15

P E 70A Orientation to Lifetime Fitness214-15

P E 71 Lifetime Wellness and Fitness Center Laboratory114-15

P E 72 Introduction to Sport in Society414-15

P E 72D Power Yoga0 1/214-15

P E 72DX Power Yoga114-15

P E 72F Mind-Body Fusion0 1/214-15

P E 72FX Mind-Body Fusion114-15

P E 72G Yoga for Relaxation0 1/214-15

P E 72GX Yoga for Relaxation114-15

P E 77 Special Projects in Physical Education0 1/214-15

P E 77X Special Projects in Physical Education114-15

P E 77Y Special Projects in Physical Education1 1/214-15

P E 83D Soccer Level 20 1/214-15

P E 83DX Soccer Level 2114-15

P E 83E Soccer Level 30 1/214-15

P E 83EX Soccer Level 3114-15

P E 83F Soccer Level 40 1/214-15

P E 83FX Soccer Level 4114-15

P E 85 Exercise Science214-15

P E 85S Fitness Assessment for Personal Trainers314-15

P E 88A Coaching I: The Foundations of Coaching214-15

P E 88B Coaching II: The Fundamentals of Fund Raising and Budgeting214-15

P E 99 Orientation to Athletics114-15

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