Vasconcellos Institute for Democracy in Action

FALL 2017 Class

Grassroots Democracy: Leadership and Power

 Applied and theoretical training for students of social justice, this course is a multidisciplinary exploration of social change and popular democratic action with a focus on the meaning and development of political power in modern democracies. Topics to be explored include: gender and race sensitive approaches to leadership style, institutional and mass forums for civic engagement, mass recruitment and mobilization, consciousness development, democratic ethics, and strategy and tactical action. 4 units




Class information:

T/Th 1:30-3:20

 Room: MQ-2A

*Offered as Honors




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In 2015, the Institute for Community and Civic Engagement was renamed the Vasconcellos Institute for Democracy in Action (VIDA) in memory of late California State Senator John Vasconcellos. Throughout his career, Senator Vasconcellos was known for his work on public education and his commitment to civic engagement.

VIDA will continue the ICCE's mission to empower students to become agents of change in their communities and beyond; to foster education that meets the needs of the communities we serve; and to help develop pathways to meaningful participation in local, state, and federal government decision making processes.


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itzel“I have been involved in the community since high school and learned to manage time and prioritize. In zcollege, it all changed because I started getting into the whole social justice issues, which did affect my GPA. I am too passionate about it and did not prioritize my academics. I gained so many leadership skills, experiences and unforgettable memories. We never stop learning ! Even when we think everything is under control life may throw rocks at us, therefore, we need to be ready to remain strong in all aspects. It is hard but manageable. As students  we may be too passionate but we cannot forget about our academics, which is important to stay organize. For example, without my calendar I am lost.  Keeping track of all activities as well as assignments is the goal to succeed as organizers and students.”

Itzel Sanchez



 keerthana“Balancing my academics with activism has always been a challenge! First and foremost, I have learned not to overwork myself under any situation and to always prioritize my health and well being. I always make sure to eat at the right times and try my best to get an adequate amount of sleep every night. Regarding my schoolwork, I try to take upon a course load that is balanced. For example, one math course, one social science course, one GE, etc I always kept in touch with my degree works to continuously check up on my own progress. This helped me be updated and not very stressed out academically, so I could focus on social work and civic engagement as well. I made sure to deal with VIDA work through a separate email and only at the designated times. Sometimes, it would overlap with my person life, but I didn't mind. However, if I got incredibly exhausted, then I would take some time off from activism and even academics just to hangout with my friends.”

Keerthana Muthukrishnan


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Director: Cynthia Kaufman
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Program Coordinator: Angelica Esquivel
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