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Notices of Internships and Job Opportunities filter in at all times. Please check here frequently for such opportunities

None of these have been vetted so for student safety please give only first name and e-mail as contact information until you have vetted the company.

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 July 22, 2014


 Hansel Lynn at 

Teaching young people how to code: Flexible schedule, $20 - 30/per hour, Palo Alto. Click for job announcement. 

 May 18, 2914


Ann Shin,



Website developer who's proficient in Wordpress, html, and PHP internship. Upon graduation and satisfactory performance, this position can be turned into a full-time paid position.

February 3, 2014


Opportunity Fund

Gwendy Brown 


HelpDesk:  Link to More Information

 January 22, 2014


 Josef Sukonick
CEO NoelDrConsultants, LLP

This start-up company develops test taking 
software for an established, non-profit Vocational Testing firm.  The CEO wishes to employ part time students who have somebackground
of  Java or screen design and/or data bases.

 November 9, 2013


Olivia Herriford

Associate Director
Mid-Pacific ICT Center

 U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 2014 HS-STEM Summer Internships

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In addition, the link below gives a view of all internships available in the Bay area. Click button to view.

Link to Internships in Silicon Valley/Bay Area

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