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POLI 1 American Government and Politics517-18

POLI 2 Comparative Politics417-18

POLI 3 International Relations417-18

POLI 5 Introduction to Political Thought and Theory417-18

POLI 10 Introduction to Administration of Justice417-18

POLI 11 Federal Courts and Constitutional Law417-18

POLI 13 Concepts of Criminal Law (CP 2)417-18

POLI 15 Grassroots Democracy: Race, Politics and the American Promise417-18

POLI 16 Grassroots Democracy: Social Movements Since the 1960s417-18

POLI 17 Grassroots Democracy: Leadership and Power417-18

POLI 17H Grassroots Democracy: Leadership and Power - HONORS417-18

POLI 56 Introduction to Community Organizing217-18

POLI 64 Political Science Internship117-18

POLI 64X Political Science Internship217-18

POLI 64Y Political Science Internship317-18

POLI 64Z Political Science Internship417-18

POLI 75 Principles and Procedures of the Justice System417-18

POLI 78W Topics in Political Science117-18

POLI 78X Topics in Political Science217-18

POLI 78Y Topics in Political Science317-18

POLI 78Z Topics in Political Science417-18

POLI 95 Overview of American Law417-18

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