Helpful Classes

Here are the courses offered through the Counseling division at De Anza. Click on each course title to learn more about it. 

Course Listings for the current Academic Year

Below are the course listings for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Course Number Course Title Units
CLP 70 Self-Assessment 4
CLP 75 College Major and Career Options 2
COUN 50 Introduction to College 1
COUN 80 X Special Topics in Counseling 1
COUN 80 Y Special Topics in Counseling 2
COUN 80 Z Special Topics in Counseling 3
HUMA 10 Human Sexuality 4
HUMA 20 Life Skills for Higher Education 4
HUMA 50 Understanding and Managing Stress 4

Transfer News

  • All Counseling Courses are transferrable .
  • CLP 70 and CLP 75 are transferrable to CSU only.

 You can check the online Class Schedule to find out when any class is being held.

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