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Come Back Next Quarter

Meet More of Your GE Transfer Requirements This Winter!

If you took a GE class with us in the Fall Quarter and you enjoyed your time, come back in the Winter Quarter! We'd love to have you spend another Quarter with us!! We're offering 6 GE IGETC and CSUGE transfer courses next quarter that meet your Four Year College GE Transfer patterns. Check off other transfer requirements while taking more ES / ESCI classes in January. Continue to learn about the environment (and have fun) in the"Building That Teaches" about Environmental Stewardship, Sustainability and Energy Efficiency. There are multiple sessions in many of these classes available- either on campus at the Kirsch Center on multiple days and times OR via Online Education.

Won't you come back and join us in January? Winter Registration starts in the next few weeks. Sign up for classes in early November to reserve your seat.

Energy Management and Building Science

  • In the July/Aug. issue of California Buildings News, (p. 30), EM & BS Prof. Bill Roeder explains to attendees of a recent IFMA-SV monthly chapter meeting how the Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies sets the Platinum standard for energy efficiency, sustainable design and the environmental use of building materials. Prof. Roeder also shares how the KCES effectively prepares EM & BS students for careers in Facility Management. (Read more)
  • In the July/Aug. issue of California Buildings News (pp.26 & 27), EM & BS Program Coordinator and Prof. Bill Roeder is interviewed about the leadership role the EM & BS program is playing in educating and preparing the Facility Management workforce of the future by launching IFMA's very first Essentials of Facility Management course and internship - a strategic part of IFMA's Global Workforce Initiative. (Read more) 

Environmental Resource Management and Pollution Prevention

  • De Anza has become the 1st Community College to receive Bay Area Green Business Certification, thanks to the efforts of ERM&P2 major Sujata Aji and four other students who were inspired by the ES 56 class taught by Prof. Kristin Jensen-Sullivan. (Read more.)

Wildlife Science Technician program

  • The new Monarch Butterfly Conservation Area is now open thanks to student efforts under the guidance of WST Program Coordinator, Prof. Ryan Phillips. Also, a Dept of Fish and Wildlife research permit was obtained allowing us to rear and release monarchs into the wild.
  • Two De Anza College WST graduates who recently received their B.Sc. in Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology at UC Davis and are now in the Avian Science Graduate Group there were recently published in the peer-reviewed journal “Western Birds” along with WST Program Coordinator, Prof. Ryan Phillips. (Read more.)
  • You can view more news of the WST Program at
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