Citing Sources and Writing Papers


What is a citation? A citation or bibliographic citation is a reference to a book, article, web page, or other published item, with sufficient detail to identify the item. The two most commonly used citation styles (at De Anza College) are MLA, Modern Language Association, and APA, American Psychological Association.

Citing Sources, Guide to Library Research This website is from Duke University Library and shows both APA and MLA styles.

What is a Scholarly Journal?  What is a Popular Magazine? How can you tell the difference?  This website from the University of Texas explains the differences.

Evaluating Information Found on the Internet Can you trust the information you find on the Internet?  Is it propaganda?  Misinformation?  or have a bias?  This website from Johns Hopkins University Library can help you develop some skills to evaluate what you find.

Still have questions?Consider enrolling in a one unit class, Library Research Skills, LIB 1,  taught by the Library and Online Education departments.


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