Three female Latina graduates

Puente Project

Puente Events

The Puente Project organizes many events every year.
  • University campus visits
  • Visiting speakers such as historians and poets
  • Community service projects
  • Industry visits to business such as Google
  • Dia de los Muertos Celebration
  • Networking events with family and our volunteer mentors
  • Cultural events such as live theater and museum visits

These events enrich the educational experience of Puente Students, as well as the life of De Anza College as a whole.

Links to photos and descriptions of some of these events are listed on the left.

Puente students and De Anza College President at a protest against college budget cuts.

Puente Project Co-Coordinators

Counseling: Yolanda Fernandez

English: Lydia Hearn
Phone: 408.864.5785

E-mail us at


Last Updated: 1/23/11