Student Learning Outcomes

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Student Learning Outcomes

SLOAC Users' Manual

The SLOAC User Manual documents how to Create and Edit Student Learning Outcome Assessment Cycles through the ECMS system.  Online video tutorials of these processes can be found here.

The SLOAC User Manual and a Quick Guide are also available in PDF format:

SLOAC User Manual (PDF)

SLOAC Quick Guide (PDF)


Table of Contents


Creating a New SLO Assessment Cycle as a Team Leader

  • Login
  • Add Team Members
  • Document Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Cycle
  • Phase 1: Input Outcomes 
  • Integrate Outcomes into Course Outline

Editing a SLOAC

  • Log In
  • Document Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Cycle
  • Phase II: Plan Assessments
  • Phase III: Document Reflections and Enhancements

Glossary of Terms

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Learning Outcomes

Last Updated: 2/28/11