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Students registered in Skills 232 have many options to complete the four Skills Labs:

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Time Management

Time Management


  • Methods for getting organized and making better use of your time
Textbook Reading Reading Improvement (captioned)
  •  Strategies for improving reading rate and comprehension
Note Taking

Note Taking


  • Techniques for effectively recording and learning information from classes and lectures

Critical Thinking &

Problem Solving

7 Skills Students Need for their Future
  • Listen to Dr. Tony Wagner, co-director of Harvard's Change Leadership Group discuss the must-have skills of the future: Critical thinking and problem-solving
Essay Writing

How to Write An Effective Essay:

The Introduction

  • Learn the method for writing the perfect essay introduction. 
  • Visit for English video lessons and brain training games
Goal Setting

How to Follow Through and

Persist with Your Goals

  • Follow the advice and recommendations of success coach Anthony Robbins

Learning &

Teaching Styles

How to Get the Most Out of Studying
  • Part 1 of 5, "Beliefs that Make You Fail... Or Succeed"

Memory &


Strategic Learning


  • A three step process for meaningful understanding and retaining information
Test Taking Anxiety Stress Management (captioned)
  • Learn more about stress and stress management techniques
Career & College Skills

Mastering the Job Interview;

Writing Effective Resumes & Cover Letter


  • Specific job search advice and topics for those preparing for a job or internship

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First, check to see if you have a free QuickTime player installed on your computer. If you don't, download the QuickTime Player for Mac and Windows. Plan on 1 to 25 minutes to download any media player, depending on the speed of your connection. Then, click on a link above to play one of the movies.
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