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Math Placement Test Preparation/Review

Congratulations on choosing to review to increase your placement!  De Anza College uses numerous tools for math assessment preparation.  Below you will find information several tools to assess your placement level pre- and post-review. 

MyPortal Self-Study

This self-study program is a channel within your Foothill-DeAnza MyPortal account under the "Student" tab.  Click on the EdReady Logo Imagelink in the channel.  Then select your desired review:                   Accuplacer Preparation Arithmetic Image              Accuplacer Preparation Elementary Algebra Image              Accuplacer Preparation College-Level Image 


Khan Academy

What is Khan Academy?  Click to read about the free self-study online program that includes interactive exercises, videos and an expansive library of content!

Steps to sign up for Khan Academy:

  1. Click on Khan Academy Sign Up.
  2. Copy the appropriate course code below.  Visit the "Coaches" tab in your profile or  In the "Add a coach" field, enter the class code.  Below are the class codes:
    • Prealgebra (Math 210) Review                 7NTU4Y
    • Elementary Algebra (Math 212) Review   AGXTH9
    • Intermediate Algebra (Math114) Review   UCB3JB
    • PreCalculus (Math 41, 42, 43) Review      TEF6A6
  3. Start your review by clicking the appropriate link:
    • Math 210 Review- Pre-Algebra
    • Quick Algebra I & II Review- Algebra Basics Recommended!
    • Math 212 Review- Algebra I
    • Math 114 Review- Algebra II
    • Math 41, 42 & 43 Review- Precalculus & Trigonometry Note: Math 42 is Trigonometry
    • additional Khan Academy resources or questions, please email your coach, Melissa Aguilar at
  4. If you are taking your placement test for the first time, complete your review, then make your appointment at Placement Test Appointment webpage.
  5. If you are trying to take a second placement test and would like to drastically improve your score, then you should really consider signing up for the ALEKS math module found below because the program is "smart," rigorous and has proven results for students like you!


ALEKS Review Modules

What is ALEKS? Click to read about the for-pay self-study online review program that is customized to your needs!  Depending on your goal, you should expect to spend anywhere between 60-120 hours to complete the whole review.

Select the course you are interest in placing into and read how to sign up along with recommended completion percentages for placement goal:

Prealgebra ALEKS Course for Math 212 placement

Algebra I & II ALEKS Course for Math 212/114 or Math 10/44/46* placement                                *Note: If you completed algebra II or higher in high school select the precalculus course below.

Precalculus I, II & III Course for Math 10, 11, 12, 41, 42, 43, 1A placement


Interested in assessing your current level of math?

The following links are to UC San Diego's Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project and will give you a good idea on how you will score on De Anza's Placement Test.

Mathematical Analysis Readiness Test will test your knowledge in algebra I, II and geometry.  This determines whether you are ready for college-level math, i.e. Math 10, 11, 41, 44 or 46.

Calculus Readiness Test will test your knowledge in college algebra and trigonometry, or precalculus.  This determines whether you are ready for advanced college-level math, i.e. Math 43 or Math 1A.

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